According to the author Gulenko V., the child of the Inspector type has these features:

  • “Does not like to stand out, wants to be like everyone else. Therefore, if the classroom is systematically noisy, the Inspector will also behave this way. ”
  • “Observation and concrete, logical thinking, allow children like the Inspector to navigate well in  issues and solve problems within the framework of the rules they know or in the developed territory.”
  • “In a chaotic environment with unpredictable events, children like the Inspector will experience anxiety and physical discomfort. However, they compensate this disadvantage by attracting an increasing a big amount of information, including examples and samples on the subject of interest. ”
  • The children of the Inspector type “have a well-designed aesthetic (a combination of L + S functions). At home they make or build something, cut or sew clothes (girls), decorate everyday life. In modern realities, all this happens using a computer.”

(Gulenko V., 2010-2019.)

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