People high in conscientiousness have the following characteristics:

  • They are hard workers & strive towards perfection.
  • Possess self-discipline & obedience
  • Highly responsible, well organized & takes the necessary steps to achieve success in life.
  • Tend to consider the impact of their actions beforehand.
  • They work efficiently & tend to be workaholics who desire to excel in their careers.
  • They perform their actions within their ethical beliefs & those actions never breach the boundary of decency.
  • They are cautious while conversing & measured in their actions. They exercise self-control & never act impulsively.
  • Their homes are clean & organized, free from any clutter.
  • Punctuality, reliability, using time efficiently & strictly obeying workplace rules are all traits observed in these people.

(The health-and-fitness, 17 Aug. 2016, “Understanding the Big Five Personality Traits With Examples”)

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