The 10 key indicators of Parrot Children are:

  1. “Happily get dirty or messy
  2. Add comedy and practical jokes to everyday life
  3. Have a limited attention span
  4. Need constant stimulation
  5. Have several groups of friends, such as neighborhoods, school, and sports
  6. Make up their own games or change the rules of existing games just to experience something new
  7. Take big risks just to see what will happen (things don’t always turn out well, but at least they get a good story to tell!)
  8. Are happy to be the center of attention, whether it’s in the classroom, at the dinner table, or on a stage
  9. Can “sell ice to Eskimos” and can charm their way out of nearly anything
  10. Easily exaggerate and apply selective use of facts to fit their needs.”

(Merrick Rosenberg & Daniel Silvert,2012)#bookad


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