How do you teach an Enneagram Type 9 person?

Nines can listen to people patiently, attentively, and nonjudgmentally. While teaching them, make use of their natural ability to communicate with and relate to anyone. That way, they learn & grasp better without the need for any revision. Allow them time to do good work at their own pace without telling them to work under […]

What are the skills that make a person the “Motor” of the group?

The person performing the “Motor” role is the formal leader of the group. These types are often the head, but we must remember that this is more an expression of formal leadership than an emotional or psychological expression. The optimal contenders for this role are the ones having administrative skills and business logic combined with […]

What are the benefits for the team from a “Motivator”?

“Motivator’s” leadership is often built on the emotional impact on people. Those with such a gift are usually called a “charismatic” leader (charisma is a divine gift; the ability to hypnotize a crowd). The emotional-inspiring leader knows how to cause internal motivation in people, that is, to make it so that they have a voluntary […]

What is the role of a “Contactor” in a team?

The “Contactor” must provide the team with the necessary resources, connections, and levers of influence; this side of contactor action is often described as “resource exploration.” It is logical to direct the energy of his abilities to the external material world – making useful connections and obtaining information about everything new. (Gulenko V.V.,2009)

What is the role of the “Innovator”?

An “Innovator” is required to continuously issue prospective guesses and insights – such as discoveries and proposals, based on which it is possible to build an organization’s innovative development strategy. Because of this quality, this role is also called the “generator of ideas.” The “Innovator” is continuously in the intellectual search; he does not care […]

How does the “Innovator” benefit the team?

It is necessary to understand that the “Innovator” is a kind of counterbalance to the leader of the group. The “Innovator” differs from other workers in their intellectual courage, their thirst for knowledge, and, most importantly, their ability to take risks. Remember that the generator of ideas is very freedom-loving; he cannot let the team […]

What personality is best suited for the “Innovator” role?

In the role of “Innovators,” as a rule, there are socio-types (Seeker and Entrepreneur), with an unusual combination of functions I – the intuition of opportunities and P – business logic. Often, the role of the generator of ideas goes to the intuitive representative of the most central quadrant – the Mentor (EIE) of the […]

What is the role of a “Coordinator” in the team?

In this role, the “Coordinator” needs to be most balanced, free from personal addictions, and realistic of all the team members. The “Coordinator” is not required vigorous activity, but, on the contrary, cold detachment, the ability to compare opposing points of view and make an objective judgment. The “Coordinator” must follow the system of formal […]

How does a LSE (ESTj) help the team to function?

The “Coordinator” knows how to slow down those who run ahead and, at the same time, fit the laggards. This knowledge is the essence of coordination. The “Coordinator” most important quality for a team is integrity, ability to operate with facts, and other valid indicators. The “Coordinator” is a living warning example and a visual […]

What is the role of the “Designer” in a team?

The “Designer” role has a unique sense of responsibility for the state of his territory. The “Designer” is pragmatically disposed of, knows how to draw up his products or services with high quality, and relies on a decent reward for his work. The “Designer” does not take part in the struggle for power, but guarantees […]