Features of children type Inspector LSI (ISTj)

According to the author Gulenko V., the child of the Inspector type has these features: “Does not like to stand out, wants to be like everyone else. Therefore, if the classroom is systematically noisy, the Inspector will also behave this way. ” “Observation and concrete, logical thinking, allow children like the Inspector to navigate well […]

As a person with a personality high in neuroticism, how do you cope with the fear of failure?

Individuals whose personality is high in neuroticism “intensify their efforts” for coping with anxiety. They work tirelessly to minimize all chances of failing at their tasks. The more anxious they get, the harder they work as they believe that it will increase their chances of succeeding, thereby preventing unfavorable outcomes. (Temi Bidjerano; David Yun Dai, […]

How do people whose personalities are low in neuroticism manage stress?

Neuroticism can be defined as “the level of difficulty” a person faces when coping with stress. People who are low in neuroticism tend to get anxious when they have to deal with problems or trying situations. Their emotions can feel all over the place due to overthinking. They should focus on staying calm and finding […]

How do people with high neuroticism manage stress?

Neuroticism indicates a person’s “emotional stability.” Individuals who are high in neuroticism are great at dealing with stressful situations. Their behavior remains mostly the same irrespective of the case or the problem they are facing. They work tirelessly to find a solution to the problem. Instead of getting anxious, they focus on coping with the […]

What are the characteristics of people high in neuroticism?

People high in neuroticism view the world as a place of threats that needs to be protected against. They are anxious & usually prone to emotional pain. (Peterson, B.J., Jordan B Peterson, 11 Mar. 2017 “2017 Personality 14: Introduction to Traits/Psychometrics/The Big 5”)