What are the job preferences for the five different personality traits?

Every personality has a different type of intelligence & it is vital to identify it before taking up any job. An agreeable person should look for a job having a cooperative environment & not a competitive one because of their low-stress tolerance. Neuroticism people should look for a position where the environment has low-stress levels […]

Brief description of the strengths of communicators

According to the authors, Devyatkin A.S. and Tsypulev D. Yu., “communicators are best suited for work related to communicating with people. They are focused on working with the feelings and emotions of people, including when working with the masses. Advertising department, PR department, psychology, copywriting – these are examples of areas in which communicators can […]

Brief description of the strengths of the socials

According to the authors, Devyatkin A.S. and Tsypulev D. Yu., “social people can best show themselves where specific care is needed for a particular person, his physical and emotional state. This care could be needed in an HR department, a customer service department, social managers, or designers.” (Devyatkin A.S., Tsypulev D.Yu. 1997-2015.)

Brief description of the strengths and weaknesses of managers

According to the authors, Devyatkin A.S. and Tsypulev D. Yu., “managers are well versed in the technological process and management structure; they can work in the accounting field, the field of warehouse logistics, and management at various levels. At the same time, they need support in terms of planning a vision of the possibilities of […]

The stimulus to activity for an introvert with the predominance of the function of intuition

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N., “introverts with a prevalence of the function of intuition put personal interest in work or study above all else.” The best results can be achieved by encouraging such a person with an exciting job. (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

What are the strengths of the humanities?

People with strong functions of ethics and intuition (humanities) can be entrusted with promotional activities and diplomatic services. They will take responsibility for resolving issues of recreation and celebrations, establish the necessary contacts with the right people, and will enthusiastically tell about goods and services. (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Researchers Activities and Strengths

According to Prokofyeva T.N., “In the research field (all types of scientific work, marketing, consulting, dispatching services), RESEARCHERS, people with a strong intuition and logic functions, will achieve success. They can predict the development of the market, change the direction of activity, and analyze complex scientific theories and motives of human behavior.” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Carreers for “Socials”: SEE(ESFp), SEI(ISFp), ESE(ESFj), ESI(ISFj)

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N., “in the social sphere (educators, teachers, psychotherapists, doctors, cooks, massage therapists, tourism managers, social workers), SOCIALS (SEE/ESFp, SEI/ISFp, ESE/ESFj, ESI/ISFj) are people with strong functions of ethics and sense. Representatives of these types can communicate with people, build connections; they are humanistic and emotional by nature. ” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Activities for managers

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N. “In the production and management sphere (administrator, manager, accountant, economist, worker, technician, master, business executive), leaders can become MANAGERS. They are characterized by assiduity, thoroughness, and the accuracy of execution.” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Personal motivation for employees

According to the author Balasheva N.S. “In the arsenal of any company, there should be at least four more types of non-material stimulation: Unusual, promising task (ILE, EIE, LIE, IEE) Credibility, the prestige of work/company, career growth (ESE, SLE, SEE, LSE) Stability, comfortable working conditions (SEI, LSI, ESI, SLI) Opportunity for training and professional development […]