How do you motivate a person whose personality is high in conscientiousness?

“Conscientiousness has a positive relationship with both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.” Individuals whose personality is high in conscientiousness may be internally motivated to pursue activities that align with their areas of interest. They may also willfully engage in tasks that will repay them financially or otherwise as they find external rewards enticing. (Watanabe; Kanazawa, 2009)

How to please or cheer up an EIE person?

EIE people of this type are pleased well about historical epochs and can vividly and figuratively tell, for example, about the life of the Aztecs or the court of Louis XIV. An EIE loves the state of enthusiasm and can use the arising adrenaline adequately. If there’s audience gathered around, they will all be involved […]

How to communicate better and understand TJ (Thinking Judging) or Feeler people?

People preferring Thinking are generally unconvinced by Feeler’s arguments, seeing them as emotional.  Feeler people are apt to see Thinking discussions as cold and hard. Both opposites have to learn the other language to communicate productively. (Peter Geyer, 2010) Personality Types and the Workplace