What is the relation between being depressed & being at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy?

According to Jordan Peterson, even though the symptomology is similar, the cause & the cure for these conditions are very different. A depressed person has low levels of serotonin in his system. Such a person can be impulsive & more emotionally dis-regulated and can face diffuse negative emotions. The person at the bottom of the […]

What depresses an enneagram dreamer type parent 4?

Parents with the enneagram dreamer type (4) personality may be depressed by the “unavailability of emotional connection.” They want to experience a deep and emotional bond with their children. Ordinary moments without any dramatic events are of no consequence to them. Dreamer parents must learn to value mundane moments as they are essential for growth […]

How do Enneagram Type-Seven people cope with depression?

People who have an Enneagram Type-Seven personality may be tempted to consume intoxicants like alcohol, psychotropics, painkillers, or narcotics. They may try to wear themselves out physically. Instead, type seven individuals should try loving-kindness meditation or involve themselves in charitable causes to get in touch with their inner selves and overcome depression. (Don Richard Riso; […]

How do Enneagram Type-Five individuals cope with depression?

Enneagram Type-Five individuals benefit immensely from walking, meditating, yoga, and jogging.” These practices will bring a sense of tranquility to these individuals who have high mental activity levels. Adequate nutrition, along with enough sleep and abstinence from drugs, will help them get their back on track easier. (Don Richard Riso; Russ Hudson, 2000) #bookad

How do Enneagram Type Four people cope with depression?

Enneagram Type Four persons may turn to intoxicants, depressants, or drugs for dealing with their anxiety, which further complicates their problems. Type four individuals should consider practicing meditation or yoga, as well as practicing hobbies like painting, sculpting, or wood carving, all of which calm their minds. (Don Richard Riso; Russ Hudson, 2000) #bookad

How do Enneagram Type Three persons cope with depression?

Enneagram Type Three persons need to feel exceptional in what they do and how they look. It can cause them to experience stress. They live an active lifestyle and may exhaust themselves to counter depression. They might also use stimulants or starve themselves. Type three persons will find spiritual practices like meditation or charity helpful. […]

How do LIIs cope up with depression?

Meeting someone who thinks about philosophical questions, history, religion, books, etc. can help LIIs refresh their minds. LIIs enjoy the empathy shown towards them, sometimes seeking out professional help can also work for them. Going out into some beautiful & serene places like beaches, mountains or long drives in forests & valleys can also regenerate […]

What depresses/irritates an LII person?

Power methods, rigid discipline, and decisive pushing aside competitors are methods that cause severe stress in LII people. The hardest thing is that LII people have to tolerate coercive pressure and aggression of others; there is a constant concern for them on how to avoid the cruelties of this world. They are quickly depressed by […]