How are human beings different from animals when it comes to choices for partners?

Humans choose each other based on health, intelligence, energy, or personalities, sometimes even age, which differs in both the genders. Animals, choose differently, for example, elephant seals have a static behavioral pattern; they have massive sizes & so the male elephants have physical dominance or prowess as their status. The females are much smaller compared […]

What is the relation between being depressed & being at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy?

According to Jordan Peterson, even though the symptomology is similar, the cause & the cure for these conditions are very different. A depressed person has low levels of serotonin in his system. Such a person can be impulsive & more emotionally dis-regulated and can face diffuse negative emotions. The person at the bottom of the […]

How do you know you are ‘S’ style and not ‘C’ style?

Because of a person’s qualities. “If a person has the qualities like being gentle, accommodating, and soft-hearted, then they are said to be ‘S’ whereas if a person is more of a private one, logical, organized, and investigative type, then they are ‘C’ style.” (William Moulton Marston, 1928) #bookad

What are the main differences between children with an ‘I’ style and an ‘S’ style?

Whereas an ‘I’  style child prefers unplanned entertainment, an  ‘S’ child prefers stable and planned activities in small groups. (DISCInsights 1985-2019)  

A brief comparison of Rationalists(j) and Irrationals(p)*

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N., “the rationalists and the irrationals differently allocate the time allotted for preparing for an exam. It is natural for a rationale to distribute material by day and methodically studies topic by topic. Irrational will study everything in the last day or two, and still, “the night is not enough. […]

External difference extrovert from an introvert

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N., the external difference between an extrovert and an introvert is a wide gesticulation. “Introverts usually do not gesture or gesticulate a little. The faces of extroverts are more mobile; they are often reflected in emotions. Introverts have sedentary faces. From the first impression, they are usually characterized as modest. […]

Democracy – Aristocracy

According to Ananev A.E., “to distinguish this sign in small children can be, paying attention to how quickly the child gets acquainted with strangers. If one of the babies immediately comes up to the newcomer in the kindergarten group to play with him and get to know him, then with high probability, we can say […]

Rationality – Irrationality

According to the author Ananev A.E, these are Rationality – Irrationality characteristics: “This symptom can be diagnosed in children who already understand well the speech and understand the meaning of the word DO NOT. Rational children treat this word with attention and respect, which is for them – a particular border, very uncomfortable to cross. […]