What is the main element that a female human being uses as a marker to identify a potential mate in a male human being?

Human beings can be compared with peacocks in this matter. The peahen uses the tail of the male peacock as a proximity indicator for choosing a mate. The male peacock with a larger tale or symmetrical marking on the tail represents a healthy male peacock. Similarly, in humans, females or males evaluate each other for […]

How are the two genders classified in the dominance hierarchy?

The males are selected to move up to the top of the dominance hierarchy because the ones who are classified at the top reproduce preferentially. However, allied with that is the female proclivity for choice based on the arrangement of the male hierarchy. The female sexual selection becomes a radical non-random selector of what genetic […]

The ratio of men and women in the team

According to Devyatkin A.Y. and Tsypulev D. Yu., “in the business world today, the optimal ratio is one woman and four men. This relationship is justified by the fact that inter-gender motivation works with external communication, and the fewer men per woman, the deeper and longer the communication will be, the deeper and brighter will […]

How are men & women compared in terms of openness?

Women are about a third of a standard deviation higher than men in creativity, while men are about a third of a standard deviation higher than women in interests & ideas &intellect. (Peterson B.J., Clash of Ideas, 18 Sept. 2017, “Jordan Peterson – Openness In Men And Women”)

How can agreeableness be associated with gender?

Even though men & women are not much different in terms of agreeableness, when it comes to groups is very different. The most agreeable people are women & all of the most disagreeable people are men & it’s the extremes that often matter than the middle. The top example is that there are more men […]