What personality is best suited for the “Harmonizer” role?

The “Harmonizer” is a sensitive, non-aggressive person, able to understand and forgive, not very active, and knows how to hide his feelings and experiences. In most cases, the role of a “Harmonizer” is played by ethical socio-types, having a developed function R – the ethics of relationships, and also T – the intuition of time. […]

What is the best personality suited for an “Expert” role?

Requirements for the applicant for the “Expert” role are observation and susceptibility; the ability to notice important details and, in one way or another, to react to them, to convey the impending changes to all members of the team. The social Critic and Analyst with the naturally developed function T – the intuition of time […]

The stimulus to activity for an introvert with the predominance of the function of intuition

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N., “introverts with a prevalence of the function of intuition put personal interest in work or study above all else.” The best results can be achieved by encouraging such a person with an exciting job. (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

The stimulus to the activity of an extrovert with a predominance of the function of intuition

Extroverts with a prevalence of intuition are tuned for uniqueness. “To be unusual, to be different from others,” is the main motto of their activities. They are filled with all sorts of ideas and can give sensible advice about innovations. The best incentive to work for them is praise for a non-standard decision. (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

What are the strengths of the humanities?

People with strong functions of ethics and intuition (humanities) can be entrusted with promotional activities and diplomatic services. They will take responsibility for resolving issues of recreation and celebrations, establish the necessary contacts with the right people, and will enthusiastically tell about goods and services. (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Researchers Activities and Strengths

According to Prokofyeva T.N., “In the research field (all types of scientific work, marketing, consulting, dispatching services), RESEARCHERS, people with a strong intuition and logic functions, will achieve success. They can predict the development of the market, change the direction of activity, and analyze complex scientific theories and motives of human behavior.” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Activities for the humanities

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N., “the communicative sphere (journalists, psychologists, PR-managers, advertising managers, artists, religious or ideological figures, secretaries) will decorate HUMANITARIANS who have strong functions of ethics and intuition. Communication and the ability to understand human relationships are combined with the search for novelty. ” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Brief description of the intuitive type

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N., “the sensations of intuitive types lack brightness; they are often absent-minded. Even their physical “I” is perceived by them indefinitely. Confidence in their materiality is enough for them only as long as they look in the mirror. Central belief: “We will wait and see.” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

What are the strengths of the IEE (ENFp)?

According to the author Ivanov K.V., “where it is necessary to set long-term goals, identify priority directions for development and formulate a strategy, IEE will gladly get into the current situation and select the best available opportunities for the company. IEE, as a representative of intuitive types very well feels the potential for further development […]

Which X exhibits Y in the workplace? (X – strengths, qualities, Y – type)

According to the author Pershina T.A., for ILE, LII, ILI, LIE types installation “is aimed at studying the structure of the universe and the processes occurring in it. Intuition will allow them to search for new resources and opportunities. They can predict the development of the market; know well how to plan and carry out […]