What are the benefits for the team from a “Motivator”?

“Motivator’s” leadership is often built on the emotional impact on people. Those with such a gift are usually called a “charismatic” leader (charisma is a divine gift; the ability to hypnotize a crowd). The emotional-inspiring leader knows how to cause internal motivation in people, that is, to make it so that they have a voluntary […]

The stimulus to activity for an extrovert with a predominance of sensory function

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N., “extroverts with a predominance of sensory functions prefer promotion. In contrast to comfort, they value prestige. Such an employee should be encouraged by differences for good work, emphasizing his high status. Such a person can be a leader and an organizer.” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Activities for managers

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N. “In the production and management sphere (administrator, manager, accountant, economist, worker, technician, master, business executive), leaders can become MANAGERS. They are characterized by assiduity, thoroughness, and the accuracy of execution.” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Staff recruitment recommendations for leadership positions

According to the author Balasheva N.S., “when recruiting personnel, especially for leadership positions, it is necessary to take into account the degree of coincidence of the candidate’s basic ideas with the in-depth level of the company’s corporate culture and the subculture of the department. This way, you can choose the most effective manager who is […]

The phases of the life cycle of the organization: old age

According to the author Balasheva N.S., the quality management organization’s life cycle phase – old age – “corresponds to the delta quadra. Companies are able not only to enter the market with high-quality products but also to form new customer needs. The main strategic task is to maintain a leading position in the market by […]

Which strengths the LSE (ESTj) exhibits in a management position?

According to the author Egorova A.A., LSE type “can defend its position and take responsibility for their decisions. They’re focused on increasing revenue, and consistent in their choices and actions. LSE can clearly express points of view and arguments, which makes this type a worthy candidate for a leadership position. (Egorova A.A., 2013.)

Which X exhibits Y in a management position? (X – strengths, qualities, Y – type)

According to the author Egorova A.A., LIE “will have leadership qualities necessary for a managerial position, is focused on increasing revenues, is consistent in its decisions and actions, and will not have difficulties with planning. LIE will be able to clearly express his point of view, to argue his position, to take a balanced approach, […]

Recommendations for working with intuitive introvert

On the advice of the authors Prokofyeva T.N. and Prokofiev V.G., “The teacher should allow intuitive introverts to engage in their favorite activity quietly. Incentives of prestige, power, well-being, and even priority and intellectual leadership do not affect them. ” (Prokofyeva T.N. and Prokofiev V.G., 2017.)

How does the LSE (ESTj) type perform in the workplace?

According to the author, the LSE type “can defend its position, and take responsibility for the decisions made, focused on increasing revenue. Consistent in their choices and actions. They can clearly express their point of view, to argue their position, and to take a balanced approach to solve problems; able to take the initiative in […]

Child Leadership Development Recommendations

According to the author, Prokofiev V.G., “Using knowledge about the typological features of a child can be from early childhood, without overloading and traumatizing him, to effectively promote his all-round development.” The author recommends choosing models from those that correspond to his abilities inherent in nature. (Prokofiev V.G., 2018)