What is the best personality suited for an “Expert” role?

Requirements for the applicant for the “Expert” role are observation and susceptibility; the ability to notice important details and, in one way or another, to react to them, to convey the impending changes to all members of the team. The social Critic and Analyst with the naturally developed function T – the intuition of time […]

Researchers Activities and Strengths

According to Prokofyeva T.N., “In the research field (all types of scientific work, marketing, consulting, dispatching services), RESEARCHERS, people with a strong intuition and logic functions, will achieve success. They can predict the development of the market, change the direction of activity, and analyze complex scientific theories and motives of human behavior.” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

What X shows Y in the team? (X – quality, foundations, Y – type)

According to the author Piskaryova Yu. V., “When making decisions, logicians, first of all, are guided by the correctness, suitability of actions, facts, laws, truth, and objective meaning. They are more characteristic of the actions, rather than the feelings and emotions that caused these actions. They work hard, manipulating ethical norms.” (Piskaryova Yu.V., 2019.)

What is X necessary to adapt to Y in the new team? (X – conditions, obligations, recommendations, Y – type)

According to the author, Piskaryova Yu. V., “In the adaptation of the employee-logic, it is important to take care of creating a favorable, benevolent atmosphere, to show a good attitude towards him, to provide assistance and mediation when meeting, establishing contact with colleagues.” The author recommends not to affect the self-esteem of the employee-logic in […]

What is X necessary to adapt Y in the new team? (X – conditions, obligations, recommendations, Y – type)

According to the author, Piskaryova Yu. V., “A logician will be able to adapt more quickly in a new workplace if employees appreciate his work related to management issues, drawing up various schedules, schemes, programs, technologies, etc., as well as the rationality of his reasoning.” (Piskaryova Yu.V., 2019.)

Weaknesses of sensory logics (children)

According to the author, Fetiskina O.V., “sensory children do not have a high speed of information processing, and logical tasks – mainly tasks for the speed of establishing meaningful connections can cause difficulties for them.” (Fetiskina O.V. 2010.)

Features of the perception of disciplines sensory logic (children)

Features of the perception for sensory logics are physical culture, technology, life support, geography, mathematics, as well as practical physics and chemistry. (Fetiskina O.V. 2010.)

Diagnosis of TIMs in younger schoolchildren

According to the authors, Dolmatova L.I. and Rozhneva L.A. in the diagnosis of TIMs in younger schoolchildren when drawing pictures on a given topic, the brightest and most persistent manifestations were: for extraversion – activity, and breadth of gaze and gestures (for introversion – silence, motionless gaze, stinginess of gestures), for dynamics – restlessness and […]

The field of activity of sensory logics

According to the authors Prokofyeva T.N. and Prokofiev V.G., these are characteristics of The field of activity of the sensory logics: Sensor-logics have an inherent production and management activities; this is “Managers.” Sensibility gives the manager groundedness and concreteness of thought, and logic provides composure and calculating. Organization of material production, management, management of machines, […]