The non-monetary motivation of an employee tuned to prestige

For non-monetary employee motivation, it is recommended to use the “stimulus group.” For example, the mood for prestige is stimulated by various kinds of status symbols. In essence, it can be a public reward, an honor roll, a promotion (if the salary level remains unchanged), a private office, or a beautiful business card. (Devyatkin A.S., […]

The non-monetary motivation of a welfare employee

For non-monetary employee motivation, it is recommended to use the “stimulus group.” For example, attitude towards welfare. The stimulus is their wealth condition, a more comfortable workplace, a comfortable armchair, a convenient mode of operation, or a pleasant atmosphere in the team. (Devyatkin A.S., Tsypulev D.Yu. 1997-2015.)

Brief description of the strengths and weaknesses of managers

According to the authors, Devyatkin A.S. and Tsypulev D. Yu., “managers are well versed in the technological process and management structure; they can work in the accounting field, the field of warehouse logistics, and management at various levels. At the same time, they need support in terms of planning a vision of the possibilities of […]

Activities for managers

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N. “In the production and management sphere (administrator, manager, accountant, economist, worker, technician, master, business executive), leaders can become MANAGERS. They are characterized by assiduity, thoroughness, and the accuracy of execution.” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Recommendations for increasing the company’s financial indicators

According to the author Ivanov K.V. to improve business performance, the company “needs to find an IEE employee for the position of regional development manager. Give the IEE the tools to build the team and the ability to independently develop strategies and transfer operational and management activities to other managers. ” (Ivanov K.V., 2010.)

Staff recruitment recommendations for leadership positions

According to the author Balasheva N.S., “when recruiting personnel, especially for leadership positions, it is necessary to take into account the degree of coincidence of the candidate’s basic ideas with the in-depth level of the company’s corporate culture and the subculture of the department. This way, you can choose the most effective manager who is […]

The phases of the life cycle of the organization: old age

According to the author Balasheva N.S., the quality management organization’s life cycle phase – old age – “corresponds to the delta quadra. Companies are able not only to enter the market with high-quality products but also to form new customer needs. The main strategic task is to maintain a leading position in the market by […]

Recommendations for the creation of a tandem of the supervisor and subordinate

According to the author Pershina T.A., “when creating a tandem from a manager and a subordinate, it is important not only to consider type of informational metabolism (TIM) but also to take into account the trends of TIM change in various work situations. The subtypes of two people should complement each other. And of course, […]

Recommendation on the selection of a candidate for the position of Personal Assistant to the General Director:

In the selection of a candidate for the position of a personal assistant for a CEO, it is recommended to consider only the relationship between these two individuals. The contact with other units will be secondary. (Pershina T.A., 2009.)

What is X necessary to adapt Y in the new team? (X – conditions, obligations, recommendations, Y – type)

According to the author, Piskaryova Yu. V., “A logician will be able to adapt more quickly in a new workplace if employees appreciate his work related to management issues, drawing up various schedules, schemes, programs, technologies, etc., as well as the rationality of his reasoning.” (Piskaryova Yu.V., 2019.)