How do you teach an Enneagram Type 9 person?

Nines can listen to people patiently, attentively, and nonjudgmentally. While teaching them, make use of their natural ability to communicate with and relate to anyone. That way, they learn & grasp better without the need for any revision. Allow them time to do good work at their own pace without telling them to work under […]

How do parents with the enneagram peacekeeper type 9 personality prioritize things?

Parents with the enneagram peacekeeper type (9) personality “believe that everything happens in its own time.” They will often shy away from prioritizing as they want to devote equal time and attention to different areas of their life, including their children. These parents focus on menial tasks instead of taking decisions about urgent ones. They […]

How does the “Innovator” benefit the team?

It is necessary to understand that the “Innovator” is a kind of counterbalance to the leader of the group. The “Innovator” differs from other workers in their intellectual courage, their thirst for knowledge, and, most importantly, their ability to take risks. Remember that the generator of ideas is very freedom-loving; he cannot let the team […]

The non-monetary motivation of an employee tuned to prestige

For non-monetary employee motivation, it is recommended to use the “stimulus group.” For example, the mood for prestige is stimulated by various kinds of status symbols. In essence, it can be a public reward, an honor roll, a promotion (if the salary level remains unchanged), a private office, or a beautiful business card. (Devyatkin A.S., […]

Recommendations for increasing the company’s financial indicators

According to the author Ivanov K.V. to improve business performance, the company “needs to find an IEE employee for the position of regional development manager. Give the IEE the tools to build the team and the ability to independently develop strategies and transfer operational and management activities to other managers. ” (Ivanov K.V., 2010.)

The phases of the life cycle of the organization/ Maturity

According to the author Balasheva N.S., phase of the life cycle of the organization, “Internal business” – maturity “corresponds to the gamma quadra. Each structural division of the company begins to function as a small enterprise, evaluated by economic indicators. The main strategic task: improving the economic efficiency of the organization. ” (Balasheva N.S., 2010.)

Which X exhibits Y in the workplace? (X – strengths, qualities, Y – type)

According to the author Pershina T.A., for ILE, LII, ILI, LIE types installation “is aimed at studying the structure of the universe and the processes occurring in it. Intuition will allow them to search for new resources and opportunities. They can predict the development of the market; know well how to plan and carry out […]

Which strengths the LSI(ISTj), SLE(ESTp), LSE(ESTj), SLI(ISTp) types exhibits in the workplace?

According to the author Pershina T.A., the LSI(ISTj), SLE(ESTp), LSE(ESTj) and SLI(ISTp) types “are characterized by assiduity, thoroughness, the accuracy of performance; they can organize work and complete a difficult task. The work is based on facts; they evaluate people according to their actions and deeds. They can solve complex technical issues, organize work schedules, […]

How do enneagram observer type 5 parents, spend time with children?

Enneagram observer (5) parents “apportion time to anticipated demands.” They will divide time systematically between their work, tasks, and children. They will dedicate specific periods for their children, be it for taking them shopping, watching a movie, or reading them a bedtime story. They can become irked if something involving their children comes up suddenly. […]

Recommendations for monitoring the implementation of the task to a subordinate ILE (ENTp)

When controlling the fulfillment of a mission by subordinate ILEs, the authors Toknov N.Yu., Tikhomirova Yu.A., recommend: “To ask directly what the employee thinks about the task, to show readiness for discussion, to listen. Be sure to emphasize the limits of the solution to the problem. To accept all objections calmly, to allow speaking over […]