How are human beings different from animals when it comes to choices for partners?

Humans choose each other based on health, intelligence, energy, or personalities, sometimes even age, which differs in both the genders. Animals, choose differently, for example, elephant seals have a static behavioral pattern; they have massive sizes & so the male elephants have physical dominance or prowess as their status. The females are much smaller compared […]

What is the main element that a female human being uses as a marker to identify a potential mate in a male human being?

Human beings can be compared with peacocks in this matter. The peahen uses the tail of the male peacock as a proximity indicator for choosing a mate. The male peacock with a larger tale or symmetrical marking on the tail represents a healthy male peacock. Similarly, in humans, females or males evaluate each other for […]

How does one improve relationships at every level?

Understanding the concept of people’s styles is the key to improve relationships. “Style is a hidden dimension that explains why we say and do the things we do. Only by revealing the power of style, it is possible to learn strategies on improving relationships at every level.” (Merrick Rosenberg & Daniel Silvert,2012). #bookad

Brief description of relations in a pair of ILE (ENTp) – ESE (ESFj)

In the relationship of activation in a pair of ILE – ESE, people are pushing each other’s activity. Relations are favorable, but there is no full compensation, fatigue from each other can grow due to different rhythms of life: one is a rational type (plans – ESE), the other – irrational type (tends to change […]

Activities for the humanities

According to the author Prokofyeva T.N., “the communicative sphere (journalists, psychologists, PR-managers, advertising managers, artists, religious or ideological figures, secretaries) will decorate HUMANITARIANS who have strong functions of ethics and intuition. Communication and the ability to understand human relationships are combined with the search for novelty. ” (Prokofyeva T.N.,2017.)

Basic X for Y (X – values, Y – types, quadra)

According to the author Balasheva N.S, the central quadral values of quadra gamma (SEE, ILI, LIE, ESI) are: “power, opposition, ability to fight back, avoiding negative relationships, the significance of the near future, reforms, financial benefits, mistrust, autonomy, and individualism.” (Balasheva N.S., 2010.)

What X shows Y in the team? (X – quality, foundations, Y – type)

According to the author, Piskaryova Yu. V., “The attention of an extrovert is directed to objects of the outside world. It is easier for them to adapt to the object without changing or modifying it. At the same time, they often create new relationships, form new ones to already familiar elements. They understand responsibility better. […]

What X shows Y in life situations? (X – quality, foundations, Y – type)

According to Piskaryova Yu. V., “Ethics is most easily understood and evaluated by both their own and other people’s feelings and emotions focused on moral norms and values. They are better versed in people and able to build relationships. Ethics can be difficult to understand the rightness of man. They are difficult to handle the […]

Approaches to learning extroverts and introverts. Methods of adaptation and motivation.

According to the authors Prokofyeva T.N. and Prokofiev V.G., these are the methods of adaptation and motivation: To establish contact with an extrovert, it is necessary “to encourage his activity, the desire to take the initiative. Open to praise in front of the whole class. Provide occasional spotlight.” To establish contact with an extrovert, it […]

Relationship of the Keeper type child with others (ESI/ISFj)

According to the author Gulenko V., children of the Keeper type “build relationships with peers: carefully, demanding, and selectively. They can maintain healthy relationships; they will always help their relatives and friends, both in word and indeed. ” Also, “It’s difficult to decide to part with a person, they do everything to save the relationship. […]