A brief description of the strengths and weaknesses of researchers

According to the authors, Devyatkin A.S. and Tsypulev D. Yu., “researchers are competent in work related to the analysis of trends, research opportunities, and generation of non-standard ideas. This work could be marketing research, new product development, etc. The downside is reduced attention to the practical side of things, to the realization of the plan. […]

Landmarks and motivation for “Researchers”: LII(INTj), IEI(INFp), ILI(INTp), EII(INFj)

LII(INTj), IEI(INFp), ILI(INTp), EII(INFj) are eternal disciples. For them, pure delight is to deeply study the issue of interest, and also to advise others on this matter, thereby reinforcing their value. Clients are willing to pay big money for such consultations. (Pershina T.A., 2009.)

Recommendations for the development of speech preschoolers

According to the author Anosova S.G., these are recommendations for the development of speech preschoolers: “Based on the experience of the work of speech therapists in Yaroslavl, it is known that children tolerate the automation process more quickly when they are engaged in constructing, in addition to repeating syllables, words, sentences, etc. However, this method […]

The field of activity of the intuit logic

According to the authors Prokofyeva T.N. and Prokofiev V.G., these are characteristics of The field of activity of the intuit logic: The intuits-logics inherent area of ​​operation is mathematics; this is “Researchers.” “Intuitiveness makes them suitable generators of ideas, non-standard thinkers, and logic gives convincing and rigor to their judgments. Scientific research and experiments, development […]

What is the best career for an Enneagram Type-Eight person?

Enneagram Type-Eight persons are innate leaders. They trust their abilities and decision-making skills. They are disciplined and value time. They will do great in positions of leadership, especially autocratic ones. Type eight persons have exceptional influencing skills and can also be successful as advocates and lawyers. (Sudhir H. Kale; Samir Shrivastava, 2001)

What are the best talents in Enneagram Type-Eight individuals?

Enneagram Type-Eight individuals have an innate leadership capability, although an autocratic one. Type eight individuals have a natural ability to influence others and to hold a powerful influence over them. They are good at endorsing and advocating causes, and people listen to them gladly. (Sudhir H. Kale; Samir Shrivastava, 2001)

What are some common vices of Enneagram Type-Eight individuals?

Individuals with Enneagram Type-Eight personality can be ruthless, reckless, and destructive. In their search to have absolute control, they can ignore the people around them. They can make reckless decisions that can prove to be harmful to them or others. Sometimes they may permanently ruin relationships or images. (Sudhir H. Kale; Samir Shrivastava, 2001)

What are the best intentions in an Enneagram Type-Seven person?

Enneagram Type-Seven people can recognize and acknowledge the value of the people around them. Type seven persons believe in gratitude and practice it dedicatedly. They are thankful to any person who has been kind to them or has supported them. You will find them going all the way out to return favors and repay the […]

Do Enneagram Type-Seven persons are trusted to perform housekeeping? Why?

Yes. According to Sudhir H. Kale and Samir Shrivastava, individuals with an Enneagram Type-Seven personality are excellent at “management by juggling.” They can easily take up multiple tasks simultaneously. They can accomplish the majority of household tasks on their own and quickly as they don’t waste time sitting around. (Sudhir H. Kale; Samir Shrivastava, 2001)

What are the best qualities in an Enneagram Type-Seven individual?

Enneagram Type-Seven individuals are known for their gratitude, enthusiasm, and productiveness. They are thankful for what they have and receive. They thank other people by being kind to them. Type Seven individuals are full of eagerness and lively to be around. They are equally productive and utilize time and resources at hand optimally. (Sudhir H. […]