What personality is best suited for the “Innovator” role?

In the role of “Innovators,” as a rule, there are socio-types (Seeker and Entrepreneur), with an unusual combination of functions I – the intuition of opportunities and P – business logic. Often, the role of the generator of ideas goes to the intuitive representative of the most central quadrant – the Mentor (EIE) of the […]

How does a LSE (ESTj) help the team to function?

The “Coordinator” knows how to slow down those who run ahead and, at the same time, fit the laggards. This knowledge is the essence of coordination. The “Coordinator” most important quality for a team is integrity, ability to operate with facts, and other valid indicators. The “Coordinator” is a living warning example and a visual […]

Recommendations for SLE (ESTp) and ILE (ENTp)

According to the author Tolkacheva N.N., recommendations for SLE and ILE will be: “To study and follow the rules of etiquette and diplomacy; Consciously develop skills of communication (compliance with social norms in communication, for example, express sympathy, or ‘fit into’ the conversation); Use an active, empathic hearing, a technique for asking questions; Participate in […]

Brief description of relations in a pair of ILE (ENTp) – ESE (ESFj)

In the relationship of activation in a pair of ILE – ESE, people are pushing each other’s activity. Relations are favorable, but there is no full compensation, fatigue from each other can grow due to different rhythms of life: one is a rational type (plans – ESE), the other – irrational type (tends to change […]

Recommendations for increasing the company’s financial indicators

According to the author Ivanov K.V. to improve business performance, the company “needs to find an IEE employee for the position of regional development manager. Give the IEE the tools to build the team and the ability to independently develop strategies and transfer operational and management activities to other managers. ” (Ivanov K.V., 2010.)

What are the strengths of the IEE (ENFp)?

According to the author Ivanov K.V., “where it is necessary to set long-term goals, identify priority directions for development and formulate a strategy, IEE will gladly get into the current situation and select the best available opportunities for the company. IEE, as a representative of intuitive types very well feels the potential for further development […]

What are the sales skills of an IEE (ENFp)?

According to the author Ivanov K.V., “in commercial organizations related to the sale of goods, the best field of application of IEE skills is to build up networks of sales through the search for potential partners and the establishment of reliable relationships based on mutually beneficial cooperation and their further development.” (Ivanov K.V., 2010.)

Basic X for Y (X – values, Y – types, quadra)

According to the author Balasheva N.S., the central quadral values of quadra delta (LSE, EII, IEE, SLI) are “progressive technologies, the quality of life, avoiding risk, the desire for self-expression, talent, warm relationships, pleasure, stability, relaxation, rest, comfort, and family.” (Balasheva N.S., 2010.)

Basic X for Y (X – values, Y – types, quadra)

According to the author Balasheva N.S, the central quadral values of quadra gamma (SEE, ILI, LIE, ESI) are: “power, opposition, ability to fight back, avoiding negative relationships, the significance of the near future, reforms, financial benefits, mistrust, autonomy, and individualism.” (Balasheva N.S., 2010.)

Basic X for Y (X – values, Y – types, quadra)

According to the author Balasheva N.S., the central quadral values of quadra betta (EIE, LSI, SLE, IEI) are: “passion, ideology, the significance of the current moment, structure, hierarchy, active actions, endurance, willpower, contempt for weakness, attack/defense and discipline.” (Balasheva N.S., 2010.)