What conflict can arise between an agreeable person & a disagreeable person?

An agreeable person would always depend on their partner in matters of choices & decisions. While a disagreeable person, who is competitive by nature, can get agitated by this attitude & want their partner to choose or make decisions. So, the agreeable person will find disagreeable people harsh & demanding in the situation while the […]

In what way can conflict arise in a relationship between an extrovert & an introvert?

It’s challenging for people to come in consensus when the widely differ in the dimension of 5 traits. An extreme introvert doesn’t enjoy large scale social interactions. They are okay with a one-on-one situation, but a group can tire them out. An extreme extrovert cannot tolerate isolation because a significant part of what motivates them […]

What do ENTJs need to learn about their pathway to professional growth?

ENTJs need to allow their coworkers to develop and work at their own pace and level of commitment. (Otto Kroeger, Janet M. Thuesen, Hile Rutledge, 2001) Type Talk at Work (Revised): How the 16 Personality Types Determine Your Success on the Job #bookad

How to maintain a friendship or befriend an INTJ?

People find INTJs reserved, distant, and a little bit enigmatic; because they are private people, it takes a while to get to know an INTJ. They prefer a tight, intimate circle of acquaintances over a broad, open one. An INTJ speaks little, but wisely; to befriend them, you need to avoid gossips & discuss questions […]

What are the different types of success for each type of personality trait?

Jordan Peterson noticed in his clinical practices that there could be multiple ways & dimensions through which one can become successful. So, success can mean different to every personality trait: An extravert person would perceive success in the form of becoming famous or being socially acceptable & a pretty good connection with society. An agreeable […]

Why can human beings be called multi-purpose creatures?

Through his clinical practices, Jordan Peterson concluded: The human being has cognitive flexibilities & has a high potential in succeeding across a wide range of possibilities & dimensions. This is what gives our transformative psyche, which provides us with sets of dominance hierarchies. We are multi-purpose creatures who are evolutionary & flexible & also adapt […]

Hogan: Trustable Assessments developed by one of the greatest living psychologists

With so many psychometric tools in today´s world, it is hard to find personality assessments with solid research, high reliability, and strong validity. Fortunately, Hogan questionnaires meet all these criteria According to Forbes Coaches Council, Hogan assessments are amongst the assessments every executive should take because they are  “psychometrically sound, situationally relevant, and provide actionable […]

How do you cheer up an SEI person?

Going outside, touring, or exploring nature can cheer them up & raise SEIs energy; change of surroundings & lifestyle is what they need. Regular participation in physical training or sports can also keep SEI’s minds fresh & make them feel alive, thus restoring their charisma & creativity. (Udalova E., 2007) #bookad