What is the role of a “Contactor” in a team?

The “Contactor” must provide the team with the necessary resources, connections, and levers of influence; this side of contactor action is often described as “resource exploration.” It is logical to direct the energy of his abilities to the external material world – making useful connections and obtaining information about everything new. (Gulenko V.V.,2009)

What is the role of the “Innovator”?

An “Innovator” is required to continuously issue prospective guesses and insights – such as discoveries and proposals, based on which it is possible to build an organization’s innovative development strategy. Because of this quality, this role is also called the “generator of ideas.” The “Innovator” is continuously in the intellectual search; he does not care […]

How does the “Innovator” benefit the team?

It is necessary to understand that the “Innovator” is a kind of counterbalance to the leader of the group. The “Innovator” differs from other workers in their intellectual courage, their thirst for knowledge, and, most importantly, their ability to take risks. Remember that the generator of ideas is very freedom-loving; he cannot let the team […]

What is the role of a “Coordinator” in the team?

In this role, the “Coordinator” needs to be most balanced, free from personal addictions, and realistic of all the team members. The “Coordinator” is not required vigorous activity, but, on the contrary, cold detachment, the ability to compare opposing points of view and make an objective judgment. The “Coordinator” must follow the system of formal […]

Team spirit to work/ Warm Company

The mood of the team to work like “Warm company” is suitable precisely for the atmosphere of comfort and pleasantness that prevails in it. Such a team is not very inclined to “work” in the usual sense of the word, but it works very well for working with clients – for example, the sales department […]

The non-monetary motivation of an employee tuned to prestige

For non-monetary employee motivation, it is recommended to use the “stimulus group.” For example, the mood for prestige is stimulated by various kinds of status symbols. In essence, it can be a public reward, an honor roll, a promotion (if the salary level remains unchanged), a private office, or a beautiful business card. (Devyatkin A.S., […]

The non-monetary motivation of a welfare employee

For non-monetary employee motivation, it is recommended to use the “stimulus group.” For example, attitude towards welfare. The stimulus is their wealth condition, a more comfortable workplace, a comfortable armchair, a convenient mode of operation, or a pleasant atmosphere in the team. (Devyatkin A.S., Tsypulev D.Yu. 1997-2015.)

The non-monetary motivation of the employee, tuned to personal interest

For non-monetary employee motivation, it is recommended to go deeper into the area of interest or to collect information. This group loves to rummage in the archive to study new technologies. These are the best mentors for new employees.” (Devyatkin A.S., Tsypulev D.Yu. 1997-2015.)

The ratio of men and women in the team

According to Devyatkin A.Y. and Tsypulev D. Yu., “in the business world today, the optimal ratio is one woman and four men. This relationship is justified by the fact that inter-gender motivation works with external communication, and the fewer men per woman, the deeper and longer the communication will be, the deeper and brighter will […]

Recommendations regarding the psychological climate in the team

After analyzing the psychological environment in the team, it is possible to “identify weak points, employees who are in the most difficult situation and suggest options for correcting the situation. They can be different from radical measures (the dismissal of one of the employees or, on the contrary, the hiring of an additional person) to […]