What type of activity is ideal for a ‘C’ child between the ages of 9-13 years old?

‘C’ style children like to know specifically what they are doing and why. They prefer organized and sequenced activities. Pell-mell group activities are not recommended for them. (DISCInsights 1985-2019)

How is it to spend leisure time with an enneagram moralizer type 1 parent?

According to Janet Levine, parents with the enneagram moralizer type (1) personality “have no leeway to schedule time off for pleasure and fun.” They are so focused on fulfilling their responsibilities as parents that they find spending leisure time as a hindrance to their parenting goals because they have too much to do. These parents […]

How does an Enneagram Type-Four person has fun?

Enneagram Type Four personalities are imaginative and talented people who want to express their thoughts and feelings. They enjoy reading, painting, sculpting, and other artworks. Some type four individuals may also like to create objects from materials like wood, while others may prefer repairing devices. (Sudhir H. Kale; Samir Shrivastava, 2001)

What are the best hobbies for Enneagram Type Four?

Enneagram Type Four people are creative and artistic; therefore, the best hobbies for them are the ones that allow them to express their creative side. They love painting, sculpting, drawing, or other similar activities. These hobbies also calm down the minds of type four people, especially when they are out of touch with their bodies. […]

How is it to dance with an Enneagram Type-Three person?

According to Sudhir H. Kale and Samir Shrivastava, Type Three persons want to get the attention and praise of other people; therefore, their dancing skills will be outstanding. Type three individuals are natural leaders and will prefer to take the lead when dancing with their partner. They are great performers who pay attention to details […]

How is it to dance with an Enneagram Type One?

According to Sudhir H. Kale and Samir Shrivastava, Enneagram Type One individuals will practice every move until they get it meticulously right. They will lead where they are supposed to and will let their partners be in control when their dance routine mandates it. Their form, rhythm, movements, and technique will exactly be as they […]