How do Enneagram Type-Eight people cope with the fear of abandonment?

Enneagram Type-Eight people shut themselves emotionally from other people because they think that it will make them secure and protected as no one can take advantage of them.  They should instead learn to be generous and forgiving. They should let their guard down sometimes and reveal their inner selves to others. (Don Richard Riso; Russ […]

How do Enneagram Type-Five individuals cope with the fear of abandonment?

Enneagram Type-Five individuals can cope with the fear of abandonment by trusting people and letting them know what they need. Type-Five individuals tend to overthink situations as they have high mental activity. They are also not as expressive verbally as other people. They should learn to put their trust in other people and be optimistic. […]

How do Enneagram Type Four people cope with the fear of abandonment?

Enneagram Type Four people may maintain an egoistic appearance even though secretly, they want to be loved and appreciated. Type four persons must realize that people around them understand them and will help them without being judgmental. They don’t need to maintain an egoistic frontage for feeling worthy. (Don Richard Riso; Russ Hudson, 2000) #bookad

As a person with a personality high in neuroticism, how do you cope with the fear of failure?

Individuals whose personality is high in neuroticism “intensify their efforts” for coping with anxiety. They work tirelessly to minimize all chances of failing at their tasks. The more anxious they get, the harder they work as they believe that it will increase their chances of succeeding, thereby preventing unfavorable outcomes. (Temi Bidjerano; David Yun Dai, […]