What is the main element that a female human being uses as a marker to identify a potential mate in a male human being?

Human beings can be compared with peacocks in this matter. The peahen uses the tail of the male peacock as a proximity indicator for choosing a mate. The male peacock with a larger tale or symmetrical marking on the tail represents a healthy male peacock. Similarly, in humans, females or males evaluate each other for […]

How do Enneagram Type-Eight people workout?

Enneagram Type-Eight people are action-oriented and can push their bodies to their limits and exert themselves in the process. They also evade medical visits and checkups. (Don Richard Riso; Russ Hudson, 2000) #bookad

Why alcoholism ruins your life?

Alcoholism ruins your life because it has physical & mental side effects as well as it is very addictive. This addiction is unbelievably dangerous because it also promotes neuroticism, which is associated with emotional pain & stress. There are many useful methods to curb the problems in life than to depend on alcoholism & avoid […]

What can be a healthy life for disagreeable personality type?

What indeed can give disagreeable people a healthy life is the ability to take the perspectives of other people into consideration. If their relationship improves, their emotional stability also enhances. One of the ways they can handle their anxiety is by being with people they love and can get along with. (Jordan B. Peterson, .et […]