What is the relation between being depressed & being at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy?

According to Jordan Peterson, even though the symptomology is similar, the cause & the cure for these conditions are very different. A depressed person has low levels of serotonin in his system. Such a person can be impulsive & more emotionally dis-regulated and can face diffuse negative emotions. The person at the bottom of the […]

How does Jordan Peterson define values?

“Value is not only what you pursue, but it is what you perceive & pursue.” Things such as defensive aggression, sexual desire, thirst, & so forth can grab all your perceptions & make you look at the world in a certain way & pursue things according to your opinions. Even with biological motivations, we are […]

Why are practical problems to be addressed before existential issues?

You shouldn’t look at existential problems before solving the practical ones. Once the practical issues are addressed, the existential issues become bearable. (Peterson, B. J., Essential Truth3 Mar. 2018, “Jordan Peterson: What low-status highly creative men need”)

What happens when you climb up the hierarchy, according to Jordan Peterson?

Creativity becomes increasingly necessary as you climb upwards in the hierarchy. Many companies suffer from the fact that they promote conscientious people continually up the ladder & they end up at the top with no creative people. What boosts you up to the top of the hierarchy is intelligence & conscientiousness. Still, with creativity, you […]

What is the advice to creative people by Jordan Peterson?

Creative people should organize the rest of their lives except for their creative endeavors in a traditional & conservative manner. That does give them stability among many potential dimensions of their life & frees them up to take creative risks in a larger domain. (Peterson B. J., video knowingship, 16 Aug.2107, “Jordan B Peterson – […]

How can a day to day progress help a neurotic person?

If a neurotic person schedules the meaningful and productive things, this person would feel a justified life by the day-to-day progress by completing scheduled responsibilities. (Peterson B. J., video knowingship, 16 Aug.2107, “Jordan B Peterson – Advice to creative people with neurotic characteristics (NL subs))

What is the advice for people high in openness but low in conscientiousness?

Young people usually are low in conscientiousness & high in openness because of their curiosity. This person needs to be doing something creative but would need first to have discipline; this means to wake up in time every day and schedule his daily routine even if it’s hard at the beginning. (Peterson, B. J., Antony […]

What is the hypothesis put by Jordan Peterson on conflicts?

Conflict should be avoided when around children. Anything that is attempting to the relative peace has to be prevented. Conflict may solve the problems short term, but it can get spiraled to danger if it is uncontrolled, so it is safer to keep the water smooth & not to delve in those situations where the […]

What advice does Jordan Peterson give to agreeable people who are also conscientious?

Agreeable people who are also conscientious should say what they think & always tell the truth even if they feel that it is disgusting or harsh. (Peterson, J., Psychology Insight, 21 Feb. 2018, “Jordan Peterson – Agreeable and Disagreeable People”)