Which are the indicators of Owl (S) Children?

The 10 key indicators of Owl Children are: “Don’t like getting dirty, messy, or sticky Have a gift for taking things apart to understand how they work and can then put them back together Endlessly ask “why” and “what if” questions Are comfortable with routines that create consistency and order in their schedule Prefer mental […]

Which are the indicators of Dove (C) Children?

The 10 key indicators of Dove Children are: “Take their time when learning to walk Eat, drink, and move slowly and methodically Go to bed without a fight Get pleasure from helping others Play by the rules of others Bond strongly with a few close friends Are slow to adapt to new activities and void […]

Which are the indicators of Parrot (I) Children?

The 10 key indicators of Parrot Children are: “Happily get dirty or messy Add comedy and practical jokes to everyday life Have a limited attention span Need constant stimulation Have several groups of friends, such as neighborhoods, school, and sports Make up their own games or change the rules of existing games just to experience […]

Which are the indicators of Eagle (D) Children?

The 10 key indicators of Eagle Children are: “Crawl and walk early Can be bossy with other children React defiantly when they hear the word no Insist upon their own rules, such as determining their bedtime Don’t accept that others have authority over them, including teachers Stubbornly demand what they want Naturally lead others, controlling […]

Which indicators do parents need to pay attention to in order to identify their child’s DISC style?

The authors of Taking Flight!, have identified 10 key indicators for each style to help you soar with your child. (Merrick  Rosenberg & Daniel Silvert,2012)#bookad