How do D, I, S & C motivate others?

Individuals with personality traits D, I, S & C, motivate others like this: ” ‘D’ motivates to work hard and put in long hours whereas ‘I’ helps others to stay positive. ‘S’ inspires people to work together, and ‘C’ propels others to perfect their skills” (Merrick Rosenberg & Daniel Silvert,2012). #bookad

What motivates a parent with the enneagram peacekeeper type 9 personality?

Parents with the enneagram peacekeeper type (9) personality are “motivated by the agendas of others.” They are driven by the needs of their children and want to fulfill all their expectations. These parents will often sacrifice their agendas or tasks for the sake of their children. They should maintain limits as they are necessary for […]

What motivates a parent with the enneagram organizer type 3 personality?

Parents with the enneagram organizer type (3) personality focus on “being a winner.” They want to become the ideal parents by doing what they believe all parents are expected to do for their children. They ensure that their children have the right atmosphere and guidance to grow and prosper. These individuals are motivated to be […]

What motivates a parent with the enneagram helper type 2 personality?

Parents with the helper type (2) personality are motivated by “knowing what others need and being of help.” They are sensitive to the needs of their children and can perceive how they feel. These parents find it fulfilling to do what they can to support their children and help them discover and develop their potential. […]

What motivates an Enneagram Type-Eight person?

Enneagram Type-Eight persons are motivated by power, which they consider as an opportunity to help through strength. They do not like to stand around and always want to be catalysts of action. Type eight people want the power to get things done for the good of others, but they want to be in control as […]

What motivates an Enneagram Type-Seven individual?

Unlimited possibilities motivate enneagram Type-Seven individuals. They like to try new things until they discover what they want to do in their life. They take up activities that will make them feel joy by allowing them to engage their hyperactive minds. Type seven individuals are energetic and love to take up new challenges with enthusiasm. […]

What motivates an Enneagram Type-Six?

Enneagram Type-Six individuals obtain motivation from a commitment to a cause or higher ideal. They are boosted by their conscience and have high levels of mental activity. Type Six individuals want stability, security, and the welfare of people close to them. They identify an objective and devote their focus, energy, and time on achieving it. […]

What motivates an Enneagram Type-Five individual?

Individuals with Enneagram Type-Five personality are motivated and inspired by the search for wisdom. They love taking up tasks that are mentally challenging as they are naturally good at them. Type five individuals derive particular pleasure from completing intellectual functions due to their insightful thinking. (L. Sheppard,2000) #bookad

What motivates an Enneagram Type-Four person?

An Enneagram Type-Four person wants to stand out from the crowd. Their creativity and intuitiveness allow them to fulfill their inspiration. They can create artistic masterpieces and spearhead technologies. The love and appreciation that they receive encourage them. (L. Sheppard,2000) #bookad

What motivates an Enneagram Type Three?

Enneagram Type Three personalities are competitive people who are driven by a desire to be at the top. They will give their best once they set their eyes on a goal, working themselves to exhaustion. Achievements make type three people feel valuable, and their self-confidence and dedication allow them to finish all they commit to. […]