How do you know you are ‘S’ style and not ‘C’ style?

Because of a person’s qualities. “If a person has the qualities like being gentle, accommodating, and soft-hearted, then they are said to be ‘S’ whereas if a person is more of a private one, logical, organized, and investigative type, then they are ‘C’ style.” (William Moulton Marston, 1928) #bookad

How do you identify an Enneagram type-4 personality?

Type-4 personalities try to keep their life intense and stimulating. They are self-referencing, self-absorbed & always want to be in the spotlight, showing off their originality. Because of their negative thinking tendency, they can be demanding & seek too much fire and passion in a relationship when insecure. (Russel Rowe, 2003-2015)

What are the weaknesses of Enneagram type-4 people?

Type-4 resist influence from others; as a result, can be disengaged, private & feel deficient. They become inactive by living too much in fantasy, which results in over-idealizing a romantic partner & then becomes disappointed. Type-4 are hypersensitive and get their feelings harmed easily. They can be obstinate and controlling & develop a tendency to […]

How is it to be in a relationship with an Enneagram type-4?

According to Russell Rowe, type-4 care about & get along with their partners. Type-4 can make others feel important & show compassion for other’s suffering, but most of all, their passion is beautiful. Partners of this personality are overwhelmed by lively, energetic, emotional type-4 because it gives them the sensation of being alive. (Russel Rowe, […]

What kind of people are Enneagram type-4 attracted to?

Type-4 is initially attracted to people who are non-judgmental and indulgent. Fours need to be felt comprehend by their partners and accepted just as the way they are. Fours also appreciate the calming, patient presence that relaxes them & eliminates their fears of abandonment and rejection. Fours like people that are appeasable and almost always […]

What is type-4 seeking in a relationship?

Type-4 is idealistic, romantic, and searching for their soul mate, which they might feel they’ve found in their partners. They are very intuitive and like communicating nonverbally and verbally, as well. Because they are disengaged, type-4s like their autonomy but want to bond with their partner on a deep level too. They show a tendency […]

How can Enneagram Type-2 make their relationship grow?

Type-2 should notice that they tend to be impatient with their partner’s pace and lack of initiative. Their partners will do very well with encouragement but get overwhelmed when they feel pressured. Developing their set of priorities and interests will prevent them from interfering in their partner’s purposes all the time. Type-2 should help their […]

What are the issues faced in a relationship with Type-2?

According to Russell Rowe, the main problems in a relationship with Type 2 are the balance of power, decision making, and who’s in charge. Twos can be invasive to help their partners to set priorities and take some initiative. Resistance to this frustrates the Type-2, who will try harder to make their partners more proactive. […]

How do you identify an Enneagram Type-2 person?

Type-2 seeks to love and be loved as well as show a need to be needed. Someone who is image-conscious, self-important & thinks of themselves as unique can be identified as Type-2 personality. They have a high energy level; they are temperamental, fast-paced, intense, & effusive in speech. They seek acceptance from others indirectly. (Russel […]

What are the strengths of Type-2 personality?

Being sensitive, caring, serviceable, pleasing, and empathetic are some of the strengths of Type 2 personalities. Besides, they are intuitive, idealistic, optimistic, easy-going, hospitable and accessible (Russel Rowe, 2003-2015)